#Bookmail #booklove

These pretty books arrived today in the bookmail.Its hard to resist @book.chor amazing sale.My strong resolution melt in their face.
I normally order according to my wishlist or my friends recommendations when it comes to buying second hand books.Like I was reading Water for Elephants in #ebook format but stopped in midway and decided to buy its physical copy, it is really hard to put into words but some books implore you to have them in your shelf for life. Does it happen with you too.
#qotd: How you plan your book buying?Do you buy new books on impulse like me?
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3 thoughts on “#Bookmail #booklove

  1. Oh, I buy totally on impulse!๐Ÿ˜

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  2. I have some ARCs coming in the mail and everyday that they don’t show up I am internally crying. Especially on Sunday when I went to go get the mail and then realized THERE’S NO POST ON SUNDAYS!

    As for secondhand books, I absolutely LOVE to hit library book sales! They have so many great books for SO cheap!


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