#HarryPotterBookNight #ChamberofSecrets

I am all set for the #HarryPotterbooknight are you?
It will be a long night so I will need my dose of sugar to keep up with the excitement of the pretty book.This book has witnessed all my teenage years.You would find it strange that I started the series with Chambers of Secrets skipped the first one.
It is my first #HarryPotter book that makes it very special.Unfortunately I lended it to a careless friend who returned it after a long time (around a year) after constant pestering in a battered condition.I was in tears and literally wanted to hand over to The Whomping Willow.But still my battered friend after several bandages and creased spine is still alive and going strong.Today again the tale of wizards, elfs, dragons and magical potions has found life.
Thank you @officialjkrowling for the amazing world.
I just love the scene from #ChamberofSecrets
Dobby froze, horror- struck, then grabbed Harry’s water jug from the bedside table and cracked it over his own head, toppling out of sight.A second later, he crawled back onto the bed, cross- eyed, muttering, ‘Bad Dobby, very bad Dobby…..’
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