#BookReview: #ColdTruth by #NikhilPradhan #lies #mystery #conspiracy #bonechilling

Title: Cold Truth

Author: Nikhil Pradhan

Genre: Mystery,Thriller,Fiction

Publisher: HarperCollins

Ratings: 4.7/5

When 10-year-old Sakshi goes missing from East Delhi, almost no one, including the police seems too concerned. Not until a journalist begins to ask questions. Soon, what started as an innocuous investigation into corruption and systemic apathy begins to reek of a larger and terrifying conspiracy, as chilling secrets and long-dead skeletons tumble out.

Pieced together like a case-file, using police reports, interviews, leaked emails and WhatsApp conversations, COLD TRUTH takes you from the by-lanes of Delhi and the communist bunkers of Russia to the frozen grounds of Antarctica, following a trail that will leave you questioning what is real and what isn’t.

My Review:
In the green maze, humans were searching for the miracle,lest they knew, they have encroached upon the dark Devil’s land who will bleed them to death.
An epistolary novel which starts with the investigation of ten year old missing girl Sakshi Prakash by a young journalist.But as he divulge deep into the case, he unearths some bone chilling truths. The story takes the reader from dirty slums of Delhi to Secret Camps on no man’s land Antarctica passing through the highly sensitive power crazy Russia.The mind boggling scenes kept me glued to the book till the end.

The author told the whole tale in a very unique style using series of documents, secret mails,detailed interviews and Whats App conversations.Despite the unusual approach,a readers can easily piece together the story.The thrill quotient get hyped with discovery of new links.A hair raising plot-line which adroitly exposed the fame crazed drive of the intellectuals and power thirsty lobbyist who brutally exploits the weak.
Human life ebbing away with every passing moment plagued by lies,conspiracies,life altering experiments and supremacy struggle.The plot raises some serious questions about the result of uncontrolled exploits in the name of science, the inability of system to contain crime and the vulnerability of a human life.
The subject will loom over your mind for a long time refusing to desert without giving a serious thought about all the present happenings.It has few disturbing scenes.I would recommend the book to every mystery lover who has the guts to gulp raw truths and withstand bone chilling thriller.

I want to thank the publisher for providing the review copy in exchange of honest review.I would like to congratulate the author for the amazing novel.He has set the bar many degrees higher with his splendid work.

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